Days 0 and 1. 24st October 2013

Hi mates, students and families! How are you going there?
We are writing some lines because we know you're looking forward to hearing from us, so here we go.
First of all, we want you to know we are excited in this trip, people are very, very nice and the weather is awesome, it's 26ºC, today is really hot. The air conditioning in the bus was on!!!
Our students are amazing, interacting a lot with the other students and having a wonderful time.
We spent the whole day yesterday travelling, we hardly slept till the 'siesta' time but today we were completed recovered from our tiredness and we have started with plenty of energy.

The host team, that is, Greece have prepared a simple, genuine and sincere welcome presentation, they have introduced their school, their town that as you can see is quite extensive, 58,000 inhabitants. After that, they have given a gift to us and they have shown us a museum with Greek paintings from all ages.
Then we have been invited to have the second breakfast of the day and we have started a walk through Galatsi although with so much traffic we haven't been able to enjoy it!!! We have been in danger several times, we only know Italian people as worse drivers than Greek citizens!!!
There have been many special moments today, one of them has been the visit to a Byzantine church whose paintings were a bit damaged, but it was gorgeous. We weren't allowed to take any photos but we've cheated a bit and here we can show them to you.

And at last we've arrived to the school, it relies on 250 students and 20 teachers. 10 of them are participating in the Comenius Project this year, and, honestly, we've found a quite involved team. After carrying out some ice-breaking activities, lunch time!!! And let us say that Greek food is delicious even better than its people.

Now we have some time to rest and this evening we'll go to stroll around Plaka,the old historical neighborhood of Athens, clustered around the northern and Eastern slopes of the Acrópolis. To finish this day, we're supposed to have dinner and taste ouzo+Meze, a Greek aperitif.

And that's old folks!!! See you!!!

We're having some problems in uploading the photos, once it's posible, we'll do it, don't panic!!!
Day 2, 25th October 2013

Hi again, as our students say, there are only 3 days left, this can give you an idea of how much they are enjoying this trip. It's something magic.

Today has been superb!!! At 9.00 pm we've departed from Syntagma Square for an excursión to the south of Attica peninsula. There were plenty of activities carefully planned by the Greek team which have met our expectations.

Early in the morning, we've found ourselves drinking wine, it's difficult to get accostumed to tasting this wonderful substance so soon. We've visited a winery to learn a bit more of Greek wines. They've prepared a snack for us and we've had the opportunity of tasting 4 different kinds of wines. Don't worry about the students, they've only tried one and the quantity was tiny!!!. To be honest, we'd rather wines from La Mancha, haha. Here you have some images from the winery.

And another one of the visit to the cellar.

Once we've finished our visit, we've got on the bus to travel to cape Sounion to enjoy the sea and the high temperature we have. We've made a stop to visit Poseidon's temple. Wow!!! How impressive!!!

Cape Sounion is  the site of ruins of an ancient Greek temple of Poseidon, the god of the sea in classical mythology. The name of the sea, Aegean Sea, owes its name to a legend. It's believed that from this cape the King of Athens, Aegean dived into the wáter because he believed that his son Theseus was killed by the Minotaur.

As a curiosity, the ruins bear the engraved name of English Romantic poet Lord Byron although we haven´t had access to the temple. Enjoy the views and don't envy us too much.

Going on with our day, we've the opportunity of enjoying the seaside. It was extremely hot and some people were sunbathing. No one of us has dared although a German student was eager!!!
It was almost luch time but before tasting a typical Greek meal, students have delighted us with their guitars singing and playing songs, some of them related to wine. 'Summer Wine' by Nancy Sinatra has been amazing. We were sitting in a traditional see tavern waiting for the food and meanwhile we've been able to listen to our pupils, a real pleasure.
M. Eugenia, Alicia, Ana, Marina and Gloria have done their best !!!

And finally, lunch. We've tried the Greek salad (made of pieces of tomatoes, sliced cucumbers, onion, feta cheese and olives), tzatziki ( appetizer made of yogurt mixed with cucumbers ( as you'll have noticed, Greek people love this vegetable) and garlic) and fried potatoes. After that and as main dish, we've eaten grilled pork chops, grilled chicken or fried squid depending on one's likes.
We have been given free time this evening to enjoy nightlife in Athens.
We'll go on tomorrow, bye guys!!!

Day 3, 26th October 2013

Hi everyone!!

We are having really nice days... Yesterday was exciting  and a funny day but a bit tiring so we couldn't write any words on the blog ^^(

In the morning, we were  at the Acrópolis museum and we were filling in a test about some jewels of the museum (a bit boring).

After that, we went up to the Acrópolis...awesome!!!! There were breathtaking views. The enormous entrance  (Propileos or Propilaea) was a clue for what we were about to see and its marble stairs gave us a bit of fresh air because it was a  really hot day.

The Spanish team were shocked by the Parthenon, because it was really destroyed but we could see its majesty and perfect measures.

Next to Parthenon there was other temple called Erechtheion where we could see the famous colums, the Karyatids.

In our opinion,Erechtheion is gorgeous,,,

Before an hour, we went down taking a beautiful stroll by the charming streets crowded with people to the hotel. We had free time to go shopping and get an appetizer.

Day 4 ,27th October 2013

Today, we had a hard day full of activities. Early in the morning, we took a bus to go to Nemea, a famous Aticca cellar and Nauplio (the ancient capital of Greece).

In the archeological site of Nemea we learnt how the ancient Greek athletes prepared the race. It was interesting. After that, the bus stopped in a cellar and we could taste some wines, not so good as Spanish caldos jejeje....

In the evening, we arrived to Nauplio, charming place, but we had a short time to visit the city. the best of Nauplio is the Venice fortress, amazing¡¡¡

We survived but I think my body doesn't respond.

We wish we were more talkative but we are exhausted and tomorrow will be a complete day. See you!!!

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